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Scottish Fold/Straight

Kitten Care and Pricing

We love our Scottish Fold/Straight kittens. The kittens are always with us every single day! Before a kitten goes to their new home they will have received all vaccinations, been dewormed and spayed/neutered, as well as health checked by our veterinarian. Your kitten will be provided with proof of vaccination, deworming, spay/neuter procedures, chipped, and health examination. All of our parent cats are health tested through a DNA test performed at UC Davis in California and are PKD negative. Additionally, all parent cats have an expanded test panel from CatScan. All of our Scottish Fold/Straight kittens are guaranteed Felv/FIV negative, free of parasites, disease and fungus at the time of release to their new home. You will receive from AllaFold Cattery, a slip for TICA to continue registration under your name. Registration papers can be obtained from TICA be creating a free TICA account.

After you have reserved your Scottish Fold/Straight kitten we will send photos, videos, a health report, and you can schedule Facetimes with your kitten to watch them grow! Around 16 weeks old the kittens will be ready to go to their new home. We keep the kittens until they are this age in order to make sure they are fully socialized, and litter box and scratch pole trained. We require your kitten to see your veterinarian within three days of bringing them home- if you chose not to do this, it will void any written guarantees.

Grooming: Our Scottish Fold/Straight kittens will be accustomed to regular grooming such as brushing and nail trimming. Nail trimming is very important in order to minimize your kitten scratching things they shouldn’t, although they will be scratching post trained. We are happy to show you how to do this if you haven’t done it before. Our kittens are never to be declawed, declawing is actually amputating part of the cat’s “fingers”. Declawing causes long term damage and can create VERY negative behaviors in your cat such as biting and litter box issues, and also results in a lifetime of pain.

Exercise: Scottish Fold/Straight kittens should never be allowed to roam freely outside. Please make sure to have a harness and leash for any outdoor adventures.

Diet: we feed dry food, raw food, and canned food. Ideally, the majority of your kitten’s diet should be either raw or canned, as dry food is high in carbs and low in moisture, not ideal for cats. We recommend Darwin’s Natural Pet products for raw,  Royal Canin Mother Kitten food, wet and dry. Dry food and water should be available 24/7. Water should be changed daily and a litter box cleaned at least twice a day.
Costs: Pricing of the Scottish Fold/Straight kittens and reservation fees vary according to the type of kittens. (Fold/Straight ears and tightness of the ear fold, long/short hair, color. Non-refundable reservation fees will be applied for newborns, on first come basis, and will  be included in the total price. All prices are subject to change and will be discussed individually.

​Feel free to CONTACT US at anytime with any further questions.

- All prices are subject to Kansas Tax.

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